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Selected paintings from:
My Grandmother's House
Archaic little female figures
Unearthed all over the world;
Reveal the complex spiritual
Nature of early matrilineal societies.
The divine ladies are significantly beautiful;
For their striking similarity
Of small clay fertility females
In early civilizations: The Indus valley,
Mesopotamia, Palestine, Southeast Asia,
Europe, Ancestral Pueblo…
Mark the path back to the source, the beginning…
To our DNA ancestress,
The mitochondrial Mother who gave,
Our hereditary patterns, genetic seeds,
That are contained in the roots of a world culture,
The imprint of our human species that is,
And remain in all metaphors for our planet, Female.

-Toni Truesdale
copyright 2009

Toni Truesdale Portfolio
Images top left to right: The Grandmothers, My Grandmothers House, the Storyteller, Nana Bakula, The Mothers