Drawing from a palette of vivid colors, artist, muralist, and illustrator Toni Truesdale creates sublime celebrations of women and the natural environment representing the diversity of world cultures.
"History and mythology need to include the unrestricted stories of all women," according to Truesdale. "I develop imagery that shows the natural beauty and intelligence in all aspects of the life of sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers in a multicultural world by honoring our commonality through time."
Working from a studio in Biddeford, Maine. Truesdale draws on her training in the art of European realists in a tireless pursuit of representing the common culture of women.
"It has existed," she says, "timelessly as the invisible kernel within all mainstream and indigenous cultures."
In more than 500 large works and thousands of art prints, drawings in both wet and dry media, Truesdale had produced an immense body of work that uses beauty to evoke the female side of both history and mythology.
These themes are evident in her most recent series such as "Everyday Life or "Daily Bread: the Culture of Women," and "Migrations"In each of these the works it is apparent to the viewer that the authenticity is based on extensive research and lengthy reflection.
Truesdale's love and pursuit of art began at a young age. She first exhibited when only fourteen, and by fifteen was drawing professional portraits. An apprenticeship in the advertising world of Detroit when she was twenty further polished her skills. In the years since, Truesdale exhibited in more than twenty one-woman shows and thirty group shows; executed more than forty murals in schools, universities, and museums; and published illustrations in more than a dozen publications including the cover of aWeMoon datebook. Truesdale has also been a teacher for over 30 years of diverse students.
In 2012, the state of New Mexico turned to Truesdale for a series of posters and illustrations for its Healthy Kids New Mexico campaign aimed at instilling healthy behaviors among the state's children. Her work for the program included illustration a series of four-color children's books and also wordless books.
Coninuing to freelance as an illustrator; she continues to break stereotypes with her multicultural feminist images in her painted images.

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